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I have pepper spray and I'm not afraid to use it!

Feb. 13th, 2005

03:00 pm - Printer = Bizarre.

Wouldn't print. I opened it, released the printhead, fastened it back down again, closed the cover, and voila! It prints. Stupid technology.

Feb. 12th, 2005

08:46 pm - I think...

I'm coming down with the flu. For the first time in 10 years.


04:52 pm - I LOVE this smell!

This is the first time since I've lived here that I've been able to smell rain on pavement. It's actually RAINING outside, as opposed to sprinkling. I thought it looked mighty threatening outside, but I didn't expect it to actually rain. This is the first real rain I've seen since I've been here.

12:14 pm - A little survey...

At some point last term, I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And at some point she says she has like 27 cousins, and the guy thinks that's crazy. I sat and watched it and said "Hell, I have 25! And I would have 27 if two of them weren't dead!" And I'm not Greek.

I suppose the reason I have so many may be that my parents are older and both came from larger families. Counting my dad's half brother, my dad is one of eight, and my mom is one of six.

So I was wondering, how many cousins do you guys have? Just first cousins. You can count half cousins, as I count nine of them, but not step cousins. I want to know blood relations only.

12:01 pm - Furthering my idea that my ex is a lying sack of shit...

I got a text message from him that says he didn't get sent. Seriously. In reality, how many times is the fucking National Guard going to change their minds about sending him? My guess is he told me that to see if he could get sympathy out of me and have me want to get back together with him.

Well fuck him, he's a lying sack of shit!

Even if he weren't, babysitting ain't my style.

In other news, it's funny when Pete gets drunk and says things to Drama that make very little sense! :D

Feb. 11th, 2005

05:58 pm - Like the lemming that I am...


Can you please enter your contact details in my address book. Click on the link below:


After we are connected, in the future, any changes you make in your contact details will be sent to me.

Thanks for your help.


It only shows your contact details to people you allow it to, and, uh, it's spiffy and stuff. And you know when people update their addresses. And such. Yeah.


Feb. 10th, 2005

05:49 pm - Happy birthday to my internet twin, drama_!

Since it's technically your birthday in your timezone and all!

May it be graced with happiness and Jiffy Pop!

01:53 pm - *giggles*

It still sucks, but I just noticed that two of the questions are identical! Which means only 18 questions instead of 19! I also figured out that I only need to prepare answers to 4 of the essay questions, since they'll ask at least 4, and if I have answers for 4, no matter which ones they pick, I'll have my ass covered.

01:28 pm - What am I, pre-law?


I can honestly say that most of this stuff will never be useful to me in real life. Federalism vs. federal supremacy? Nope. distributive vs. protective regulatory policies? Nope. Various environmental law cases? Lemme think here... Nope!

In other news, my silicone eyelets make my ears terribly dry, which is no fun at all.

Feb. 9th, 2005

08:02 pm - Note to self: Am not Jewish.

Second note: Am also not good at fasting. Oh well.

I bought way too much Jewish food today. No Gefilte Fish, though. But Matzo crackers and kosher Tea Biscuits, and Halvah, and kosher chocolate, and potato pancake mix!


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